Sunday, July 31, 2016

Takeaways from the Political - column

Mack Hall, HSG

Takeaways from the Political Conventions

“Let us become servants in order to be leaders.”

― The Prince in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot

Make America actually great again iconic what difference does it make absolutely let us actually stand absolutely as one actually unity absolutely get ‘im out of here unity iconic lock her up iconic unity actually career actually woman absolutely politician iconic dump Trump absolutely character iconic stronger together iconic hard actually work absolutely black lives actually matter absolutely undocumented iconic RINO actually progressive absolutely killary iconic Isis actually drumpf absolutely values iconic work actually dignity and respect actually values and morals actually brothers and sisters actually Code Pink iconic all lives matter absolutely boycott Israel actually the American people iconic fast and furious actually divorce absolutely immigration iconic Russia actually emails absolutely hacking iconic change-maker actually mother iconic trans-pacific partnership actually feel the Bern absolutely the only poll that counts is on election day iconic the other America actually inside the beltway absolutely outside the beltway iconic Joe Six-Pack actually the kitchen table absolutely working families iconic got the memo actually didn’t get the memo absolutely hey hey ho ho iconic the people will stand up to Washington actually build bridges absolutely build a wall iconic for the 21st century actually reach across party lines absolutely for the children iconic for the future actually at the end of the day absolutely the fact of the matter is iconic the heartland of America actually my father came to America with money in his underwear absolutely media bias iconic my amazing wife actually bromance absolutely swing state iconic populist actually glass ceiling absolutely blue lives matter iconic all lives matter actually came up short absolutely breaking news iconic woo woo actually rapid-response team absolutely technical woes iconic unity actually the base absolutely gays iconic guns actually God iconic Sandernistas actually hashtag absolutely traitor iconic raucus actually matchup absolutely syncs iconic tweets actually cyberwar absolutely treason iconic faux news actually pastor absolutely hyphen iconic I’m with her actually convention bounce absolutely plagiarism iconic evolve actually lyin’ Ted absolutely lion Ted iconic yuge actually passing the baton absolutely not for sale iconic protestors actually police barricades absolutely yes we can iconic endorsement actually teleprompter absolutely campaign manager iconic Clinton camp actually Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz absolutely under the bus iconic roar actually historic roll call absolutely Melania iconic media tents actually American flag absolutely LGBTQ iconic pivot actually midnight in America absolutely morning in America iconic I am your voice actually disaffected absolutely believe me iconic forgotten men and women actually politically correct absolutely bankers iconic Satan actually USA USA USA absolutely HILL-A-REE HILL-A-REE HILL-A-REE iconic diversity actually believe me absolutely NAFTA iconic coal miners actually Benghazi absolutely trade deficits iconic Iran treaty actually thank you God bless you and God bless America iconic actually absolutely

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