Monday, July 6, 2015

Some More Short Poems

Lawrence Hall

The Widening World of Cookery

Old housewives cook, and talk about it so
Someone invented the cooking show
Where women watch the fashionable gas ring’s glow
And watch also their widening waistlines grow

Posting Grades

But the grades aren’t really posted at all
Just tapped by super-secret access code
Into an Orwellian telescreen
Thin tittle-tattle about test results

A Flicker of Life

Movies are but flickering images
Sometimes, to the observer, so is life


Dante Alighieri
Wasn’t very merry
Whenever he didn’t feel well
He imagined his enemies in (Newark)

A Funeral

The hymns have been sung, and the Gospel read;
We prayed for everyone except the dead

The Tedious Gatsby, Old Sport

I took up Gatsby, and I read,
And now I’m glad that Gatsby’s dead

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